"Brand-new Language"

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The 1st. Step for started to make Pattern Graphics.

My current artwork is creation of typography entitled "Brand-new Language". 

I am designing patterns (symbols) based on my very personal feelings and moods and by putting these patterns in sequence I intend to express  "waves of feelings". 

I call this "typography", for I intend to create a common language that can be shared by people with visual intelligence.  Typography is the key to visually develop this language.

"Waves of feelingsÅh can be translated into sounds.

My intention is to express a "song" by sequence of waves.  A single wave is merely an encoded vibration, however I intend to turn vibration into sounds by arranging them in sequence.

When a designer transforms a certain message into a visual form according to his/her mood, it is sometimes difficult for a viewer comprehend,

unless one shares a very same personal experience to understand the "mood".  

I came up with the idea of creating this "Brand-new Language" or basic means of creating the waves, in order to share my personal moods or feelings with a stranger.

An expression should not be comprehended single-handedly, but it should be verified and comprehended from multiple perspectives. In order to explore means to express abstract waves of feelings,

I dare to explore into my primitive self and dismantle, re-arrange, and re-compose my personal "moods".  A language is a general communication tool based on needs of majority of people. 

However limitation and restriction exist according to social / cultural backgrounds, and sometime people cannot accurately express him/herself under certain situation. 

In reality a language keeps transforming itself according to the needs of a society and people.    

Translating my personal moods/ senses/ character/ feelings/ tastes/ etc. into existing means of communication can be very stressful sometimes. 

And through the process of re-discovering and re-constructing my inner-self, I hope to create a Brand-new Language that can be accepted by people (from all disciplines) who shares a similar sensitivity. 

And I might be able to specify my existence in society, by exploring further into the common factors I share with these people.

As I stated to before, I hope to express a social awareness based on my very personal perception.  

Contrary to the usual communication tools based on common values of the mass of the people,

I hope to create very personal communication tools that will eventually spread out into the society by people with similar perception.

And through the creating process I hope to confirm my own position in this culturally saturated society.

Sep. 2002

emmi narasaki

Transrated by Kazuko Sugimoto (Architect)


Brand-new Language

Sep. 2002

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研 究 01

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研 究 02

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